Your Data Security Is Our Top Priority.

Data plays an important role in your direct marketing campaign, which is why access to a state-of-the-art data center that’s capable of handling all forms of data processing is mission critical.


Effective data processing not only makes managing your mailing list easier, but also provides key analytics to help you with data-driven decisions—both of which can improve your ROI.


Database Management

Database solutions for companies who consistently mail to the same list can create a custom database management system. This way, you can keep your list organized and updated.


CASS Certification

CASS Certification lets us append the last four digits to a contact’s zip code and standardize the address.



NCOA is a USPS database that contains residential and business changes of address (COA) for the previous 36 months. Using NCOA could help reduce the number of undeliverable mail in your direct marketing campaign, saving you money in postage, material waste and duplicates.


NIXIE Report

The NIXIE report lets you identify records on your list that were undeliverable for reasons other than a change of address. This enables you to improve the address quality of your direct marketing lists.

Merge Purge

Having duplicate contact data can cause confusion and cost you money. Sweep your lists to delete any duplicate mailing information.

Custom Programming

Create a custom data processing solution that fits your organization’s needs.